Pennington Introduces New Brand Identity

Refreshed brand purpose and entry into new categories reflect Pennington’s dedication to connecting with impact-conscious gardeners

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pennington, one of the largest brands in the lawn and garden industry and a leading brand in the Central Garden & Pet Company portfolio (NASDAQ: CENT) (NASDAQ: CENTA), is introducing a new brand identity. Designed to inspire creativity and community amongst a wide range of gardeners, the identity reflects how consumers today approach and care for their outdoor spaces. The rebrand coincides with Pennington’s entrance into new categories that reflect its consumers’ interests.

For years, the perfectly manicured front yard with its “white picket fence” has served as an ideal landscape. However, as 18 million new gardeners, most of whom are millennials, entered the category during the pandemic,1 Pennington has seen a change in consumer preferences. Impact-conscious gardeners today are redefining the norms for outdoor spaces, eager to design diverse ecosystems that are original expressions of themselves and represent their values rather than simply competing to have the best lawn on the block. They share a mindset that upholds sustainability, creativity, friends and family, and personal health as priorities.

Inspired by this focus on care over competition, Pennington is introducing a new brand purpose: “Nurture the Roots You Put Down.” This new ethos champions modern attitudes and behaviors that influence lawn and garden care, empowering consumers to collaborate with nature to create environments they can care for and enjoy.

Pennington is also rolling out products in new categories, including:

  • Plant Food – A family of organic, natural plant foods to nourish plants from the inside out
  • Plant Seeds – High-quality, organic plant seeds featuring a diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers

“For over 75 years, Pennington has provided gardeners with high-quality, innovative products to help them grow the lawns of their dreams. Today, that dream looks a little different than when we started,” said Dan Hoeller, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Pennington. “Consumers today approach lawn and garden care through the lens of sustainability and creativity and seek the expertise and products to help them express their vision. We are excited to partner with them on this journey and look forward to helping reimagine the lawns and gardens of tomorrow.”

A new logo with a distinct look and feel will help bring the new brand identity to life. Developed in partnership with global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), the new logo pays homage to the brand’s rich history with a design that’s bold, balanced, and uplifting. Illuminating rays within the logo serve to elevate and bring specific products or use-cases into focus, ultimately making the product selection easier for consumers. The brand’s new primary colors hold the Pennington equity and differentiate it amongst competitors. Now consumers looking for the best products to help cultivate their outdoor spaces will know to look for the brand’s vibrant blue packaging featuring a bright yellow sun.

The new Pennington brand identity can be seen across select lawn and garden offerings and is currently featured on, which highlights sustainable and creative tips and products.

About Pennington

For over 75 years, Pennington has provided consumers with high-quality, innovative products to help them design the outdoor living spaces of their dreams. From high-quality grass seed, soil, and fertilizers to plant seeds, plant food, and wildflower mixes to wild bird food, feeders, and habitats, Pennington offers products and solutions that work together with nature to create beautiful and sustainable environments that everyone can care for and enjoy. Pennington – Nurture Your Roots. To learn more, visit

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1 2021 National Gardening Survey

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