The following table sets forth certain information concerning the principal subsidiaries of the Company.
State or Other
Jurisdiction of Incorporation
All-Glass Aquarium Co., Inc.Wisconsin
Aquatica TropicalsDelaware
Arden Companies, LLCMichigan
B2E CorporationNew York
B2E Biotech, LLCDelaware
B2E Microbials, LLCDelaware
B2E Manufacturing, LLCDelaware
Bell Nursery Holdings, LLCDelaware
Blue Springs HatcheryDelaware
C&S Products Co., Inc.Iowa
Farnam Companies, Inc.Arizona
Florida Tropical DistributorsDelaware
Four Paws Products, Ltd.New York
Four Star Microbial Products, LLCDelaware
Gulfstream Home & Garden, Inc.Florida
Howard Johnson's Enterprises, IncDelaware
Hydro-Organics WholesaleCalifornia
IMS Comercializadora Y Fabricacion DE Calidad SA DE CVMexico
IMS Southern, LLCUtah
IMS Trading, LLCUtah
IMS Trading MexicoMexico
Interpet LimitedForeign
K&H Manufacturing, LLCDelaware
Kaytee Products, Inc.Wisconsin
Matson, LLCWashington
New England Pottery, LLCDelaware
Nexgen Turf Research, LLCOregon
Pennington Seed, Inc.Delaware
Pets International, Ltd.Illinois
Segrest, Inc.Delaware
Segrest FarmsDelaware
Sun PetDelaware
TFH Publications, Inc.Delaware
Wellmark InternationalCalifornia
Gro Tec, Inc.Georgia

The names of certain subsidiaries have been omitted because such subsidiaries, considered in the aggregate, would not constitute a significant subsidiary as that term is defined in Regulation S-X.